Here at Mid Valley Mentors we try to break the cycle of generational mistakes that lead thousands of young men and women into living the troubled lives. We bring quality mentoring to teenagers that offers something new in their lives – new perspective, opportunities and motivation. We are a community-based nonprofit organization. MVM started as a small, one man operation that grew into 10 different mentors and more than 500 youth on a right path.


President: Emily Roberts



Lloyd C. Johnson

Rex Springer

Joanne Martin

John Branson

Marisol Shaffer

Darlena Smith

Nancy Choi

Monique Jun

Joshua Rector


You can be the next one. Become a mentor today!

The organization would not be what it is today without our generous donors. If you can not become a mentor, you can still support our cause by donating. You can subscribe for monthly donation. Even 5 dollars a month can help. Imagine 1000 people giving only 5 dollars. It would change lives of at least 10 teenagers.


Partner organizations:

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