How To Get Right People Around You That Will Motivate You To Be Successful

Anybody who look up to their mentors understand how important it is to have a right person helping you out. However, you will not always have mentors guiding you in life. Other times you need to learn to get right people around you.

It is very important to get the people around you who can motivate you and help you become successful. As the saying goes, ‘Who you spend most of your time is who you will become,’ that is absolutely true surrounded by positive people, whether they are family members, friends, and colleagues at workplace.  When you constantly surrounded by people, then their mindsets, beliefs, and vibes will become your own, even human beings are like chameleons. The individuals can easily adapt the vibes of their surrounding since it is very crucial to be surrounded by positive people who can help you to adapt positivity and help you to take your life to a new level.

Like Mark Ambrose once said “Show me your friends, then I will show you your future” the true friends can help you choose the right path and that is why it is important to find good friends. As Jim Rohn said you will become like the five people that you spend most of the time with. So choose carefully, choose the right people.

If people around you pull you down and they create doubts about your abilities, then they are not your true friends. The right person will not agree with your ideas always, if you find someone who can help you do the right things then you are sure to achieve your goals and you will be successful in no time.

Spending time with right people can help you grow positivity and they can inspire you to become best and be a role model to the younger generation. Be around with people who will motivate you to become the benchmark for success. They can help you see new heights, and helps you believe in you can achieve your goals quickly and successfully.

Surround by the people who raise the bar on your thoughts: When you see around and if you do not find many positive people around, then it means you are not spending time with the right people.

Two Reasons for Choosing Advisers, Mentors, and Peers: You should look for two reasons when you want to choose the people that you want to spend some time with.  The reasons include Gravitas or Dignity and Value Match.

The most important quality that you must look for is Value Match, which means you must find people whose value reverberates with yours.

The second reason is gravitas or dignity, which means to have greater skills, physiological ability, talent, or experience in the field that you are working. These people not only emanates positivity and much better than you in this field but also you should be confident enough that they won’t break you or tear you apart to make themselves look better. 

An individual, who seems to be smartest in the room, may develop an ego, which can absolutely not beneficial to their growth. That is why the C0-founder and CEO of VisionQuest, Richard Tirendi says that if you are the smartest person in the room, then you are not in the right room.

Finding the Right People: They are Closer than You Think:

The right people who want to help you get successful may be surrounded by you already. The Found and CEO of Dell Inc. Michael Dell, suggests the individuals find people who are smarter than them. He says, in professional loops, it is called networking and in companies, it is called team building. Of course, if it in life, then it is called community and friends.

When you look into your current networks, and the individuals closest to you in your circle, include friends, family, and community. Once you know the individuals who can help you succeed are the right to choose to spend more time.

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